Mercedes-Benz Animation Movie "Silver Arrow" already launched

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Mercedes-Benz Animation Movie "Silver Arrow" already launched
Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design of animated films have been showing the Mercedes-Benz Animation Movie "Silver Arrow" which contested the 2011 Design Challenge contest at the LA Auto Show 2011. Although the design concept of Hubert Lee, Jacson Luttig, Yasu Sato, and Alan Barrington is not a champion, but the story ideas and imagination that is raised on the Mercedes-Benz Animation Movie "Silver Arrow" is quite interesting.

Design Challenge 2011 followed by six design studios from the U.S., Germany and Japan. The cars involved are the Honda sketch IH (Intelligent Horse), Hyundai Sprinter Stratus &Airship, Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow, parkour 341 Smart, Subaru Horizon, and Maybach Berline. In this activity the concept of Smart parkour 341 was selected as the winner.

Design Challenge 2011 which is themed "Hollywood's Hottest New Movie Car" presents four design expert jury. The jury assessed by looking at the extent to which the level of imagination and character development that was poured on the vehicle.
Mercedes-Benz Animation Movie

Silver Lightning
Entitled Silver Lightning, this film tells the story of two characters that techno has a unique harmony between safety and style. The story is an implementation of the iconic racing Mercedes-Benz Animation Movie "Silver Arrow" and less respect for crash test dummy.

In a futuristic society to create a level of intelligence has increased. Two crash test dummy, Hans05 and Franz02, suggesting that they were not just ordinary dolls. Both can recognize the potential for disaster and decided to take kangkah own rescue.

But the villain Dr. Crash-Barrier continues to provide terror and chaos. Therefore, these two heroes are moving to save the beloved vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow. The struggle occurred. Dr. Barrier continues to pursue with future vehicles.
With a floating position and closed shellfish wheels, Mercedes-Benz Animation Movie "Silver Arrow" will remind us of the Mercedes-Benz W125 series, Silberfeil race car era of the 1930s and Uhlenhaut SLR era of the 1950s. But overall shape of traditional designs dominated F1 racing car. This car also has a diagonal configuration of the rotor without shaft to maneuver "Omni-Directional. '
Mercedes-Benz Animation Movie "Silver Arrow" itself is the work of creators 'Biome' that was introduced last year as a car that is made from herbs.