Ferrari Millenio Concept: The Supercar design byPetrovic

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Ferrari Millenio Concept: The Supercar design byPetrovic
Marko Petrovic, the young 27-year-old Serb, managed to peel her imagination the figure of the future Ferrari. Ferrari Millenio Concept, disabled predicate Transportation Design Master of Domus Academy, Milan, Italy, Ferrari wants to make it as environmentally friendly vehicle fast.
According to Petrovic, the design will appear as Ferrari Millenio Concept supercar that carries an electric motor. With the kitchen runway, Petrovic assume, Ferrari Millenio Concept will produce zero-emission, the world needs to adjust in the future.

Petrovic, who was also sketching BMW motorcycle design Ghost, said reaching Ferrari Millenio Concept inspiration from Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. While the shape of the body front to the rear is an implementation of a series of models that have been owned Ferrari supercar.

Even so, Petrovic has instilled some new elements that Ferrari Millenio Concept look more futuristic. Carrying two electric motors, this supercar is designed only has two seats.
Ferrari Millenio Concept: The Supercar design byPetrovic
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Ferrari Millenio Concept also stated will be much lighter and stronger than Ferrari models at this time. This happens after he would make the exterior of advanced materials such as sheets made of carbon nanotubes. With that material, Ferrari Millenio Concept will be 10 times lighter and more powerful 500 times stronger than steel.

"Ferrari needs to maintain its philosophy as the best and fastest car maker in the world," said Petrovic. "Because the speed will be very dominant in the future."