Fafnir precision ball screws Bearings

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Fafnir precision ball screws Bearings
Fafnir precision ball screws Bearings allow linear motion for accurate positioning and centers of controlled power unit axis machining, robotics and similar applications. Fafnir precision ball screws Bearings units consist of a screw advanced control elements tempered by induction of the nut and hardened steel ball. The optimized geometry of the scroll wheel product durability and precision of the operation.

Designed specifically for manufacturers of machine tools, Fafnir ball screws are available in the classroom as accurate as possible, the ISO Class 1 for lower tolerances ISO Class 7 The design simplifies the installation of traffic with balls the mother without external hoses or claws protruding from the surface. Ball Screws are available in a variety of lengths, diameters, lead compounds and lubricants available.

Fafnir precision ball screws Bearings Expanded Options
Ball screw and bearing kits
Variety of ball nut configurations
Special designs

Fafnir precision ball screws Bearings Typical Applications
CNC machining centers
CNC turning centers
Automated assembly machines

Fafnir precision ball screws Bearings Size Range:
Lead: 2mm - 40mm
Diameter: 16mm - 125mm
Length: 500mm - 8200mm