Fafnir Airframe Ball Bearings

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Fafnir Airframe Ball Bearings
Fafnir Airframe Ball Bearings are manufactured in two basic models for the demanding needs of commercial and military aircraft. They are specially designed to meet the extreme temperatures at low speed, high power, alignment and low mass.

Fafnir Bearings general control of inner and outer rings with a complement of precision balls, a seal or a screen, and in some cases, a cage or separator. These bearings are typically used in flight control surfaces. The complete type is designed for applications with high loads and oscillating motion. The type of cage is low-end torque, lighter loads, intermittent rotation and long life. It Fafnir control bearings are available with standard or precision tolerances. Torrington is a licensed manufacturer of ball control within the meaning of certain MIL-C-7949th

Having assembled Fafnir rod end sealed unit with a bar attached to the lamp. A spherical outer tube and a double strand of pearls or a single row of spherical rollers permit up to ± 10 ° between the inner and outer ring (banjo) balanced. Shanks can be supplied with internal or external threads, hollow or solid. Torrington is a qualified producer of rod end bearings as specified in MIL-B-6039 and NAS standards.
Fafnir Airframe Ball Bearings

Fafnir Airframe Ball Bearings Typical Applications
Aircraft pulleys
Torque tubes
Bell cranks
Push pull rods

Fafnir Airframe Ball Bearings Expanded Options
Seal designs and materials
Component materials
Lubricant selection
Corrosion-resistant coatings

Fafnir Airframe Ball Bearings Size Range: .190 in. bore - 4 in. O.D.