Induced Draft Cooling Towers

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Induced Draft Cooling Towers
Induced draft cooling towers, illustrated in Figure Induced Draft Cooling Tower below, are constructed such that the incoming circulating water is dispersed throughout the cooling tower via a spray header. The spray is directed down over baffles that are designed to maximize the contact between water and air. The air is drawn through the baffled area by large circulating fans and causes the evaporation and the cooling of the water.

The nomenclature for induced draft cooling towers, including some items not illustrated in Figure Induced Draft Cooling Tower is summarized below:
Casing - The casing encloses the walls of the cooling tower, exclusive of fan deck and louvers.

Collecting basin - The collecting basin is a receptacle beneath the cooling tower for collecting the water cooled by the cooling tower. It can be made of concrete, wood, metal, or an alternative material. Certain necessary accessories are required such as sump, strainers, overflow, drain, and a makeup system.
Induced Draft Cooling Tower

Drift eliminators - The drift eliminators are parallel blades of PVC, wood, metal, or an alternative material arranged on the air discharge side of the fill to remove entrained water droplets from the leaving air stream.

Driver - The driver is a device that supplies power to turn the fan. It is usually an electric motor, but turbines and internal combustion engines are occasionally used.

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