Three Functions of Exhaust System ?

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The exhaust system of a diesel engine performs three functions.  First, the exhaust system routes the spent combustion gasses away from the engine, where they are diluted by the atmosphere.  This keeps the area around the engine habitable.  Second, the exhaust system confines and routes the gasses to the turbocharger, if used.  Third, the exhaust system allows mufflers to be used to reduce the engine noise.


Supercharging an engine performs the same function as turbocharging an engine. The difference is the source of power used to drive the device that compresses the incoming fresh air.  In a supercharged engine, the air is commonly compressed in a device called a blower.  The blower is driven through gears directly from the engines crankshaft.  The most common type of blower uses two rotating rotors to compress the air.  Supercharging is more commonly found on two-stroke engines where the higher pressures that a supercharger is capable of generating are needed.