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Couplings are used to connect two pieces of shafting. While there are many types of couplings, Below carries three basic types that will take care of the great majority of applications:
• Sleeve couplings (See Figure 1.12)
• Multi-Jaw couplings (primarily for light duty) (See Figure 1.13)
• Three Jaw/Insert couplings (See Figure 1.14)

A few additional notes about Couplings:
• Three-Jaw Insert couplings are used to provide quieter running and to minimize vibration.
• Light duty couplings have spider-ring design  with a special elastomer insert. (See Figure 1.15)

Couplings are available with three types of inserts for specific conditions: (See Figure 1.16)
• Oil Impregnated Bost-Bronz Insert
• Oil Resistant Synthetic Rubber Insert
• Polyurethane Insert


An adjustable shaft support consists of a ball bearing with spherical outside diameter and a cast iron housing or carrier, two support shafts and a base. The spherical shape of the ball bearing’s outside diameter will accommodate some degree of shaft misalignment. Thus, like flanged cartridges, they, too, are often referred to as “self-aligning”. (See Figure 1.11)