Best Destinations on the Lombok Island

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Best Destinations on the Lombok Island
Some main destination on Lombok island are: Mataram, Senggigi beach, Gili Islands, Mount Rinjani, Lombok beach.

Below I will provide some of the areas that are well worth a visit (although I also have not had time to visit all of them), according to a tourism brochure that I get from the hotel where I stay:

1. Suranadi Temple. Here there are the hotel complete with a heated swimming pool and tennis court. There is also the oldest Hindu temple, located 17 km if riding from the city of Mataram.

2. the Lingsar. Temple with the sacred fish in the pond, the location of 9 km with a drive from the city of Mataram.

3. Narmada. Lombok's Botanical Gardens, with a swimming pool, and there is a Hindu temple which is often used by Hindus for worship, location 12 km drive from the town of Mataram.

4. Batu Bolong. There is a temple on top of the rock overhanging the sea, the weather and could see Mount Agung in Bali, as well as nice to see views of the sunset. Location 8 km drive from the town of Mataram. To enter the area, then we are obliged to wear a yellow ribbon of fabric (can be rented on site), which is fitted around the waist. Here beautiful scenery, sea water breaks through the sidelines a hollow rock, leading to a gemerosak. Unfortunately I am here, the weather is still clouded after the rain, but the beautiful scenery. The Sun peeks in between clouds, and light is reflected in a fall in sea water.

5. Senggigi. Natural white sand beaches are clean, surrounded by hotels, motels and bungalows. Very beautiful once, especially if the time of sunrise and sunset. Location 10 km drive from the town of Mataram. On the beach many souvenirs salesman, is a cultured freshwater colorful, ranging from the price of Rp. 25.000,-also t-shirts bearing salesman Lombok and Senggigi, Lombok, and distinctive carving on wood, could either be a fruit, masks and more.

6. Sire Beach. Marine parks with exotic coral and fish that swim around more. Located 36 km drive from the town of Mataram.

7. Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. The island of the gods in Northern Lombok, surrounded by the sea. Here lots of people diving or surfing. The island has many hotels and b & BS, so that it can stay here, its shores are still original. To reach this location can use a motor boat.

8. Sukarare. The village where the weaving, this is the place if you want to buy traditional woven Lombok, and see how the weavers does its job. Location 25 km drive from the town of Mataram.

9. Rambitan/Sade. The original village of Lombok, with the traditional Sasak, location 50 km drive from the town of Mataram.

10. Kuta/Tanjung Aan. Mandalika beaches with sparkling lights, where we can swim, there are hotels and restaurants. Every year there is a celebration of the capture/view Nyale fish, location 56 km drive from the town of Mataram.

11. the Mataram. Mataram is the capital of the province of West Nusa Tenggara. While the Ampenan is an old port city (now moved to a sheet). Ampenan city characteristic of ancient architecture, which when cleaned and cared for properly, will become a popular tourist destination.

12. Cakranegara. Is the city's business, there is an agricultural market, bird market, and Springs as well as pura Meru Mayura, the largest temple in Lombok. Cakranegara purportedly once a Kingdom, but the former kingdoms (the site) is already beyond recognition. If you want to gift shop food, then can I buy chicken legs fried, salted eggs and a variety of sweets from seaweed.