Mineral oil VS. Synthetic Oil - Which is better?

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Mineral oil VS. Synthetic Oil - Which is better?
Engine oil are also not only acts as a lubricant, but also as coolant, stainless, slit cover and machine cleaning machine. Good lubrication should be able to make a lighter engine performance and serves as a protective metal components of friction due to constant friction in a long time.

From its base, a common engine oil is divided into two types, namely:

Mineral oil (Oil Base): Obtained from petroleum mine the results processed into oil and additive materials plus to add to the quality of lubricants for the better.

Synthetic oil (Synthetic Oil): Synthetic Oil is normally made up of Polyalphaolifins coming from the cleanest of the segregation of mineral oil, including gas. It is then mixed with mineral oil. This is why synthetic oil can be mixed with mineral oil and vice versa. The base is the most stable. In essence, synthetic oil designed to produce a more effective performance compared to mineral oil.
Mineral oil VS. Synthetic Oil - Which is better?

Mineral Oil VS. Synthetic Oil
Below advantages of synthetic oil:
More stable at high temperatures (less volatile) so that low levels of evaporation
Control/prevent the occurrence of carbon deposits in engine
Circulation more smoothly at the start of the morning/cold weather
Lubricate and coat metal better and prevent friction occurs between a metal which result in damage to the engine
Resistant to oxidation making changes/more durable making it more economical and efficient
Reduce the occurrence of friction, increases the power and the engine cooler
Contain detergents which are better for membersihkanmesin of kerakOli minerals are usually made of synthetic oil from the refining while results of chemical mixtures.
Material synthetic oil is normally PAO (PolyAlphaOlefin).Synthetic oil is normally recommended to the machines of the latest tech (turbo, supercharger, dohc, dsbnya) is also a need for better lubrication (racing) where the gap between part/smaller metal/narrow/precision where only synthetic oil can coat and flows perfectly.