Best Electrodynamic bearing buying guide

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Electrodynamic bearings (EDB) are a novel type of bearing that is a passive magnetic technology. Electrodynamic bearings (EDB) do not require any control electronics to operate. Electrodynamic bearings (EDB) work by the electrical currents generated by motion causing a restoring force. Below some buying guide this bearing:
cal shaft rotor based on an axial electrodynamic bearing has been carried ..... by electrodynamic bearings (Type 5). It is worth to note that AMBs and EDBs

CSPP - LIM - Mechatronics Lab - ElectroDynamic Bearings
An Electrodynamic Bearing exploits the eddy current effects

A Solution for the Stabilization of Electrodynamic Bearings ...
Electrodynamic bearings are a kind of passive magnetic bearings based on eddy currents that develop between a rotating conductor and a static magnetic field

Electrodynamic bearing - Reference
Electrodynamic bearings (EDBs) are novel, promising systems that can be used to realize contactless electrodynamic suspension of rotating shafts.

Magnetal - Inner Rotor Electrodynamic Bearing
Electrodynamic Magnetic Bearing - Zero Friction Solutions.