Barden Ceramic Hybrids Bearings

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Barden Ceramic Hybrids Bearings
The use of ceramic(silicon nitride) balls instead of steel balls, can improve performance by taking various forms. Because ceramic balls are 60% lighter than steel balls, and because its surface is almost completely smooth, vibration shows fifty-six and eight times lower than steel bearings.

Because of the unique properties of silicon nitride ceramic balls significantly the main cause of wear on the surface to reduce conventional bearings (metal rings, metal balls). In conventional bearings are microscopic asperities on balls and races "cold weld" or stick to the normal lubrication and load conditions. Because ceramic balls are not cold welding of steel rings, wear is greatly reduced. Because wear particles produced by adhesive wear are not present in the lubricant life is also extended ceramic hybrid. The savings in reduced maintenance costs alone important.
Barden Ceramic Hybrids Bearings

More energy can be used Cronidur ® 30 ceramic hybrids.
Lower operating temperatures help extend lube life.
Ceramic hybrids will out last steel ball bearings up to five times.
Ceramic hybrids have higher rigidity characteristics
Ceramic hybrids are quieter running
Ceramic hybrids can boost running speeds by 40% to 50%.
Ceramic hybrids run significantly cooler than standard steel ball bearings.