Barden Angular Contact Spindle Bearings

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Barden Angular Contact Spindle Bearings
Barden Angular Contact Spindle Bearings have removed a ring shoulder partially or totally. This allows a larger ball bearing neck comparable, greater load capacity. speed capability is also higher.

Barden Angular Contact Spindle Bearings with a contact angle by varying the radial mounting. Pin size Barden angular contact bearings have nominal contact angle of 15 ° or 25 °. The smallest angle provides greater radial stiffness and the largest angle is better than the axial stiffness.

Demountable and separable are available. taken in a separable bearing (B), the box keeps the ball so that the entire outer ring (with the cage and balls) in the inner ring is divided.

Barden Angular Contact Spindle BearingsSeparable bearings are useful where bearings must be installed in blind holes or where the axes are needed in the shaft and housing. The function also allows the separation of the dynamic equilibrium of a rotating inner ring mounted outside the outer ring and housing.

Barden Angular Contact Spindle Bearings support thrust loads or combinations of radial and axial loads. They can accept radial loads only - a thrust load of sufficient size must be present. A ball bearing Angular contact head may be pushed in a direction that stress can be a burden or a preload.