Hydraulics Summary

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Hydraulics Summary
# The relationship between pressure and force in a hydraulic piston is expressed mathematically as:
F= P x A

F = force
P = pressure
A = area

# Oil from a tank or reservoir flows through a pipe into a pump. The pump can be driven by a motor, turbine, or an engine. The pump increases the pressure of the oil.

The high pressure oil flows in the piping through a control valve. The control valve changes the direction of the oil flow. A relief valve, set at a desired safe operating pressure, protects the system from an over-pressure condition. Oil entering the cylinder applies pressure to the piston, developing a force on the piston rod.

The force on the piston rod enables the movement of a load or device. The oil from the other side of the piston returns to a reservoir or tank via a filter, which removes foreign particles.