Step How to Select Speed Reducer

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Step How to Select Speed Reducer
Step 1To determine the best auxiliary drive ratio to use, first multiply the maximum machine speed by six.

Step 2From the reducer selection charts listed in the Gear 700 Series catalog, select the next lower maximum operating speed listed.

Step 3Divide the maximum operating speed by the maximum machine speed to obtain the proper auxiliary drive ratio.

Steps 4To calculate the torque of the speed reducer to be selected, divide the machine torque by the auxiliary drive ratio* you found above in Step 3.
(*Remember: Efficiency should also be included in output torque calculations. Use the following formula: 
Output torque = input torque x ratio x efficiency.)

Step 5Select the chain pitch and sprocket or spur gears.

• Output torque of speed reducer: 500 in lbs.
• Ratio of chain drive 3:1
• Approximate efficiency of chain drive: 95%
OPT = 500 x 3 x 95% = 1425 inch pounds