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As emphasized throughout our introduction to Gearology, gears should be lubricated to minimize wear, prevent excessive heat generation, and improve efficiency by reducing friction between the surfaces of mating teeth. Lubrication also tends to reduce noise and retard the formation of rust (oxidation).

Good lubrication depends on the formation of a film thick enough to prevent contact between the mating surfaces. The relative motion between gear teeth helps to produce the necessary film from the small wedge formed adjacent to the area of contact.

It is important that an adequate supply of the correct lubricant is properly applied. Keep the following lubrication guidelines in mind:
• The use of a straight mineral oil is recommended for most straight tooth bevel and miter gear applications.
• Mild extreme pressure (E.P.) lubricants are suggested for use with spiral miter and bevel gears or heavily loaded straight tooth gears.
• Extreme pressure lubricants are recommended for spiral miter gears subjected to heavy loads and/or shock conditions.
• SAE80 or SAE90 gear oil should be satisfactory for splash lubricated gears. Where extremely high or low speed conditions are encountered, consult a lubricant manufacturer.
An oil temperature of 150º F should not be exceeded for continuous duty applications. Oil temperatures up to 200º F can be safely tolerated for short periods of time.