Bevel and miter gears

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Bevel and miter gears
When an application calls for the transmission of motion and/or power between shafts that intersect at right angles (90-degrees), bevel gears and miter gears are often the “way to go”. Let’s learn more about them.

A bevel gear is shaped like a section of a cone. Its teeth may be straight or spiral. (If they are spiral, the pinion and gear must be of opposite hand to run together.) Because bevel gears are used to reduce speed, the pinion always has fewer teeth (see discussion of ratios below). (See Figure 5.1) Miter gears differ from bevel gears in one very significant way: they are not used to change speed. In a miter gear set, therefore, both gears always have the same number of teeth and a ratio of 1:1.

Bevel and miter gears are commonly used in dairy equipment, ag. equipment and food processing machinery.