Where Spur Gear Use ?

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Where Spur Gear Use ?
The spur gear is the most basic mechanical power transmission. In fact, there are applications for these gears almost “every place a shaft turns”. Spur gears are used to move virtually anything that can move, from mixers, blenders, copy machines, textile machinery and ice machines to the NASA space program.

As you will remember from our introduction, a gear  (no matter what type) is essentially a toothed wheel or cylinder that works in tandem with another gear (or gears) to transmit motion, or to change speed or direction. In a  spur gear, the teeth, which are on the outer surface of the cylinder, are straight and parallel to the hole (or axis) so when two come together – mesh – they do so in the same plane. (See Figure above).

As a result of how they meet, spur gears can increase or decrease the speed or torque of whatever they are “moving”.

In any pair of gears, the larger gear will move more slowly than the smaller gear, but it will move with more torque. Thus, the bigger the size difference between two spur gears, the greater the difference in speed and torque.