Type of BEARINGS !

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A bearing is a mechanical device that supports the moving parts of a machine. Its primary purpose is to reduce friction. Bearings are made to support radial loads, thrust loads, or combined radial-thrust loads. They may be categorized into two general classes, each with two sub-types:

1) Plain
a) Cylindrical
b) Thrust

Some sample of Plain bearings : flanged bearings, thrust-bearings, cored bars, solid bars, Bear-N-Bronz, made from a cast, solid bronze material, and Bost-Bronz, made from a porous bronze, oil impregnated type of bearing material. Plain bearings also known as sleeve bearings.

2)   Anti-Friction Bearings
a) Ball bearing
b) Roller bearings

Anti-friction bearings is confined to ball bearings for radial loads and thrust loads. The radial line is stocked in precision ground and semi-ground models. The thrust line is stocked in ground steel and stainless steel.